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The heart of Where We Are Going

Today, retail is going places no one could have imagined just a few years ago.

At Burlington, we’re able to ship millions of items millions of miles every year, and it’s all thanks to our state-of-the-art, world-class supply chain operation.

Trailers that leave our distribution centers travel 22 million miles annually. That’s enough to travel around Earth 883 times!

Our distribution and supply chain facilities in New Jersey and California feature high-tech equipment, new processes, and the latest intelligent software. With an ever-expanding business model (including e-commerce), our supply chain teams are constantly seeking engineers and other talented professionals to help us continue to thrive. Check out our opportunities and apply today.

Distribution Centers

Distribution is just one part of our supply chain, but it’s a vital part.  

Outbound Network

Our sophisticated state-of-the-art supply chain network is continuously shipping full truckloads of merchandise to more than 20 pool points in local markets.  

Supply Chain Leadership Program

For recent college graduates interested in building a supply chain career, our 18-month Supply Chain Leader Development Program provides the perfect opportunity.  

“We focus on a team atmosphere every day here at Burlington.”

-Ryan W., - Distribution Center Assistant General Manager
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