Students and Early Career

At Burlington we invite you to Grow With Us! Our people are the key to our success, we believe YOU are the future of the organization. Our 10 week summer internship, new co-op program and our early career development programs are designed to provide you with a toolkit for success throughout your career in our various corporate departments.

To begin your journey with Burlington, we invite you to apply for openings that match your interests. Unsure what you want to do? Connect with a member of our recruiting team by contacting us at You should also check our events page on our career site to see what upcoming activities we may be hosting at your school, through the NRF or on our own platforms that you can sign up for to learn more. Already know what area of retail you’re interested in, apply now for our open opportunities!

You’ve Completed an Application, Now What?

At Burlington, we encourage and invest in new ideas. We leverage practical and purposeful innovation to create value and benefit for everyone, YOU included. One example of this is on demand video interview technology, your first step in the Burlington interview process.

  • If you meet the criteria for the position you will receive an email with a link inviting you to complete an on demand video interview. You will have a few days to complete the interview (you will receive one reminder email).
  • You can complete your interview anytime, anywhere, at a time that is most convenient for YOU.
  • This is an opportunity for you to bring your resume to life.
  • This is an opportunity for us to make sure that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Every candidate is asked the same questions in the same way – during this process you will have the opportunity to “meet” members of our Early Career Recruitment Team as well as Associates within the business as they introduce themselves and ask you the interview questions. The questions will also appear on the screen so you are able to read them as you prepare your response.
    • You will answer 6 questions and then will play two games – the interview should take approximately 25 minutes.
  • While we will not be there on the other side of the camera in real time, we will be able to view your responses after the interview is submitted.
  • A member of our recruitment team will follow up with you about next steps.

Tips to prepare for an On Demand Video Interview

This is a real interview! You will want to prepare the same way you do for an in person interview.

  • Do Your Research and learn about Burlington, specifically about the job and career path for which you are interviewing
  • Test your technology to ensure you have a strong wifi connection wherever you choose to complete your interview. When you log in for your interview the tool will walk you through steps to prepare and will test your technology. You can complete the interview on a smart phone or tablet through the HireVue app or on a computer – your technology must have a microphone and forward facing camera.
  • Prepare and practice. Have you done behavioral interviews before? Do you know what the STAR method is to help you respond to behavioral interview questions? These are things you’ll want to research and understand to help you feel more comfortable and confident when you complete your interview.
  • Remember to be yourself! You don’t need to be perfect, focus on your passion for Burlington and the role and bring your resume to life!
  • For additional information about what to expect in a digital on demand interview or for technical questions please visit the HireVue Candidate Help Center or call 1-800-655-4106